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Escape Room Highlight: Escape Hour Austin - Lab Rats

Escape Room

Welcome To The Experiment

The most significant challenge to this escape room is the sheer size of it! With a group minimum of six persons and a maximum of fifteen, this experience doesn't mess around.

Grouped and then split up among three different locked areas, you must now work together to solve the interweaving puzzles that thread themselves between all three sections. Using only your wits and your ability to communicate effectively, you'll need to figure out how to escape the laboratory before the time runs out.

The good news is that this little experiment will strengthen the bonds of friendship and camaraderie between all who participate. The bad news? Well, there really isn't any bad news. Unless you take into account your captors are lab-rats-turned-scientists and might not have the best intentions toward you.

It's all good, though. You signed the waiver.

How To Win Their Game

Here are our top suggestions for being successful inside Lab Rats:

  • Pay attention - To everything. Take note of anything that seems off. Study every inch of your surroundings, and pay attention to your friends who might be in a different section than you. They may be trying to tell you something.

  • Communicate - This goes for literally all escape rooms everywhere, but it holds true for Lab Rats. Maybe more so. We recommend always saying what you find out loud whenever you come across something. Even if you don't think it is useful. You never know if you are holding what your friend across the room desperately needs!

  • Explore everything - Don't stop when you find something, either! Chances are there are many more pieces to be found out in the open. Gather everything you can and then dive into puzzle solving!

  • Stay organized - It is important to know where you are in the room, and where you are in the game. Leaving things laying around can become confusing and deter your progress. If you've used a key, keep it in the lock. Keep locks inside their box, and set aside used puzzles so you're not tempted to dive into them again!

  • Ask for help - This one is important! A lot of escape rooms have a maximum number of hints they give, but Escape Hour Austin offers unlimited hints! This means that whenever you're stuck, or just need a little bump in the right direction, your Game Master will be ready to guide you. And don't worry, Escape Hour Austin will never give you a solution outright. You aren't forced to get help, and your Game Master will never give an unprompted hint, but you know you can ask whenever you need to!

From Start To Finish

At Escape Hour Austin, your experience will start the moment you walk through their lobby door. The staff will accommodate, explain, educate and guide with grace and humor, and make sure you are aware of everything you need to be prior to entering your experience.

Lab Rats itself is an entire exercise in together-ness and communication, and the colorful aesthetic it boasts brings out a new side of the clinical laboratory setting. Everything from puzzle design to clue delivery makes this a one-of-a-kind escape room that shouldn't be missed.

Compared to other escape rooms, Lab Rats takes the cake for most interesting execution and group management style.

If you've been following any of our other blogs on Escape Hour Austin, you'll know this is one escape room venue we highly recommend. Lab Rats is just another reason in the long list of reasons we have for continuing to point people in the direction of Escape Hour Austin.

Time's Up

Here's why you should make Lab Rats your next adventure:

  • It's perfect for large groups! Think birthday parties, team building events, reunions, etc.

  • The storyline is unique and intriguing. (Genetically altered laboratory rats? Yes please.)

  • The aesthetics are visually arresting! Color-explosion-meets-scientific-lab will be the next big trend. Just wait.

  • Escape Hour Austin is top-notch. Everything they've produced so far has been a huge hit!

Lab Rats is definitely a room that you could play again and again, trying out different areas and seeing things from new perspectives. And isn't that what experimentation (and escape room-ing) is all about? Expand your horizons and join your team in the adventure of a lifetime! Book your experience inside Lab Rats today: And for more information on Escape Hour Austin, check them out here:


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