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Experience the high seas at Tacoma's immersive escape room, Siren's Cove at Escape Hour Point Ruston

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Escape Room

Escape Hour Point Ruston is one of Tacoma Washington's most immersive new escape room. They are owned and operated by the same owners of Escape Hour Gig Harbor, in Gig Harbor Washington, and Escape Hour Austin, located in Austin, Texas. With a modern aesthetic and custom, owner-built rooms, Escape Hour Point Ruston continues a familiar Escape Hour tradition: being More Than An Escape Room™.

We wanted to take a look at Escape Hour Point Ruston's first escape room, Siren's Cove, which is labelled as a ground-breaking high seas adventure, with never-before-seen elements. It is a fan favorite, and has both won and been nominated for some awards since its opening! From what we saw, this escape room certainly lives up to its reputation. Here's everything you need to know about Siren's Cove at Escape Hour Point Ruston!

Setting The Stage

Dark stone hallways, flickering shadows, haunting melodies and an unshakable sense of being watched — do you continue forward? You haven't even reached the entrance to your scheduled escape room yet, but somehow everything has already begun.

When you and your team finally do enter, and the door closes behind you, there is no mistaking it. You have been transported. The memory of Escape Hour Point Ruston's lobby fades and suddenly all you've ever known is the pirate's life. It's hard to remember anything else when surrounded by authentic construction, sea-battered chests and barrels, and the sand beneath your feet.

Torches and lanterns cast light as you work through a mystery hidden within numerous puzzles and games — enough to keep your entire group busy for the full 70 minutes!

One thing Siren's Cove doesn't shy away from is out-of-the-box thinking. You can expect surprises and physically engaging games throughout the entire playthrough. Siren's Cove isn't a room with puzzles. Essentially, the entire space is a puzzle, and from ceiling to floor there is something to keep you occupied or visually interested.

The Game Play

Siren's Cove is not a small escape room experience. Filled with enough activities for large groups, but still doable for small groups, Siren's Cove proves challenging — in all the right areas. For example, Siren's Cove takes traditional escape room elements and turns them on their heads. What should be as simple as walking through a door now becomes a challenge in and of itself. What might have been solved without a second thought now requires a second look. Things (and beings) inside Siren's Cove are not necessarily what they seem. The puzzles inside Siren's Cove tackle the problem inside many escape rooms today. Repetition and mundanity.

How To Be Successful

To be successful in Siren's Cove, we recommend remembering the essential escape room tips:

  • Communicate - Make sure everyone is on the same page at all times! If you found a key, and someone across the room found a lock, but no one speaks up, valuable minutes could be squandered! If you read something interesting, grab a few people and share it with them. The more, the merrier, when it comes to discovery!

  • Explore everything - This one is simple, but is often overlooked. Many times people are afraid to roll up their sleeves and fully immerse themselves! Unless your Game Master and/or waiver has explicitly stated that a certain action or area is off limits, you better start investigating!

  • Stay organized - No one likes a messy space, and carrying around extra unneeded clutter can throw off your groove! Once you and your team have finished with a game, set down those game elements in a place that won't confuse you later! Another tip is to keep all used keys inside their respective lock once you find the match! This way, you won't be tempted to use that same key on the final lock!

  • Ask for help - Escape Hour Point Ruston offers unlimited hints whenever you need them! This takes the pressure off. No need to ration assistance. We'd recommend not spending more than 5-10 minutes on any given puzzle, but your game play is entirely up to you! If you want to go for no hints at all, more power to you. But just know, at this location, the help is there if you need it!

  • Don't waste time - This one should be obvious, but there are many subtle ways we can waste time inside escape rooms, Siren's Cove included. Arguing with teammates, hyper-fixating, and ignoring the rules of the room all take focus from the task at hand. Have a clear plan for communication going in, move on to a new puzzle if you are truly stumped, and remember that some areas and elements won't help you at all — and may in fact hurt you! So unless stated otherwise, you probably don't need to spend 15 minutes trying to dissect a wall outlet.

Award Winning Escape Room

In their first year of operation, Siren's Cove has both won, and been nominated for, a couple different awards!

From the Morty App, a worldwide database for escape room enthusiasts, Siren's Cove won the Morty Top Escape Rooms (2022) - Morty's Finest award!

From the Top Escape Rooms Project, a global enthusiasts' choice awards, Siren's Cove was nominated for Top Escape Room! Nominee (2022) - TERPECA

Talk about an impact, and all in their first year!

Overall thoughts

Overall, when we experienced Siren's Cove it wasn't a matter of simply playing through an escape room. Instead we took on completely different lives and entered into an insanely immersive, all-encompassing event. Out of all the escape rooms this author has completed, Siren's Cove remains a contender for top spot. With a breathtakingly beautiful and interactive set design, and thoroughly thought out puzzles and solutions, it's easy to see why this award-winning room is so well-loved.

Every aspect of Escape Hour Point Ruston proves their standards are sky-high. Their helpful and friendly staff made us feel like family, and the beauty of the escape room made us want to play it again as soon as we escaped! We give a resounding yes — we definitely recommend Escape Hour Point Ruston and Siren's Cove to any self-proclaimed escape room lover.

And if you dare venture across the sea to discover her mysteries, beware: you may escape with your lives, but the Cove will steal your heart!


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