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DangMoo Makes History as First Female Pro Player in South Korean League of Legends

Updated: Apr 5, 2023


League of Legends History Has Been Made

On December 29, Dangmoo made history as the first female to be signed to a LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) or LCK CL (League of Legends Champions Korea Challenger League) Roster. Dangmoo, a popular twitch streamer, content creator, and high-level League of Legends support player, has been signed to South Korean pro team Liiv SANDBOX. This is a break in the norm roster recruitment, where men and women are typically placed in different pro circuits. Massive efforts have been made in recent years to create environments where women thrive as pro-level gamers, such as Valorant's Game Changers tournament, which has put many female pros in the spotlight playing for massive prize pools in front of a big audience. However, it is still rare for women to get the chance to play in the big leagues that dominate esports.

Who's DangMoo?

DangMoo is known for a variety of things. You can find her most often roaming Summoners Rift supporting her fellow champions and calling the bot lane home. She is a high-ranking support player that excels in playing versatile supports like Lulu and Yummi. In addition to her skills on the Rift, DangMoo is also a popular content creator in Korea, where she can be found on Twitch and YouTube producing not only League of Legends content, but art streams and videos as well. Among art and League, she even has her very own Vtuber character. DangMoo has been signed to Liiv SANDBOX's Challenger league within the LCK, where new pro players can hone their skills and prove themselves in hopes of being brought up to the LCK Proper. The LCK Challenger league serves as a stepping stone for players looking to make it to the top tier of professional play in South Korea. Players like Cloud9's Kim "Berserker" Min-cheol and Vitality's Kyeong "Photon" Gyu-tae both spent time with T1's Challenger team, for instance. However, DangMoo isn't the only support on the LSB roster. Hong "PlanB" Jun-seok was announced weeks ago with the rest of the roster as the team's support, having been promoted from the organization's academy (third) roster. It is currently unknown if Liiv SANDBOX Challengers plans to start DangMoo or PlanB, but it's likely the former considering he was announced alongside the rest of the roster. DangMoo will probably begin as a substitute player, but it will be interesting to see how she performs and how she compares to her male counterparts.

First, But Not The Last

This is a momentous milestone in League ESports and a major step towards inclusivity in the industry. DangMoo's signing to the LSB roster is a sign of progress and we hope to see more women breaking barriers and making their mark in the world of professional gaming. It will be exciting to see what DangMoo brings to the LSB team and we hope she gets the opportunity to play and start on the roster soon.



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