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Escape Room Highlight: Escape Hour Austin - The Crypt

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Escape Room

The Crypt, an award-winning escape room, lies deep within the walls of Escape Hour Austin, a highly rated escape room venue in Austin, Texas. Home to many ground-breaking experiences, Escape Hour Austin knows how to do things right, and with hundreds of five-star reviews, they do things right a lot.

Focusing on The Crypt in particular, we hope to highlight what exactly makes this experience so worthwhile. From its revolutionary layout, to its creative approach to puzzles and games, The Crypt is an experience to add to your list!

Digging Deeper

It's a dark and mysterious place inside this ancient crypt. The earthy walls cocoon you as you trek deeper into your cursed mission. Torchlight flickers across stone and reveals numerous contraptions, artifacts and treasures, but you're here for one thing, and one thing only: a rumored prize so valuable many have lost their lives in pursuit of it. Be careful, because the environment inside the Crypt can be dimly lit at times. Everything from the cool air that hits your face as soon as you enter, to the realistic soundscape that can be heard all around you, adds to the immersion and places you directly into a new dimension. With a mix of handcrafted and custom built props, this experience won't feel like a simple walk in the park. Instead, everywhere you look you'll either be greeted by another intricate puzzle to solve, or simply more breathtaking set design. All this to say, there are no bad spaces inside The Crypt.

How to Survive

The Crypt is a dynamic experience, and one that requires plenty of teamwork to execute properly. If you love challenging team games, and physically maneuvering through various puzzles, The Crypt might just be your new favorite escape room. With updated technology inside the experience, you'll discover The Crypt is ahead of its time, yet even with new features and cool tricks, The Crypt offers a good balance between classic and modern escape rooms. It's truly a room for all experience levels. As usual, we have our standard tips for surviving any escape room. The Crypt is no exception, and has a few additional things to keep in mind!

  • Communicate - This tip should be yelled from the street corners. Printed in all the papers. Talked about in every lecture and tattooed on everyone's foreheads. Good communication skills can take years to develop, so you better get started now! In escape rooms, it is good practice to get in the habit of calling out what you find, discussing options, talking through problems out loud and verbally organizing the tools available to you. Doing so will eliminate a host of stumbling blocks you may encounter.

  • Explore it all - Your game masters will go over what not to touch inside the experience, but other than those specific areas, you'll want to investigate everything! Who knows where something may be hiding.

  • Stay organized - Another tip that should (and probably does) have its own Ted Talk, staying organized throughout gameplay will keep you on track and remove the temptation to try used keys and combinations on every new problem you come across. Discard piles work well (where you stack used props and puzzles you no longer need), as does keeping used keys inside their locks. This way, you know what you've done, and no one gets sidetracked solving a puzzle you already figured out from the beginning!

  • Ask for help - This one is up to you. Some groups are adamant about never getting hints, and some groups are afraid of wasting their hints too early. Escape Hour Austin has an unlimited hints policy, and therefore you can ask for as many or few as you need! Escape Hour Austin will never give you the solution to a problem, either. Instead, their hints are more like nudges that give you a gentle push in the direction you need to go. The perfect solution when you just need a little assistance.

  • Pass the baton - This one can be applied to The Crypt specifically, but has applications in all escape rooms! Inside the Crypt, there may be elements that not everyone can engage in. This experience in particular is sometimes a physical one, and if you are not comfortable completing a necessary physical requirement, find someone in your group who is. For example, in some escape rooms, crawling, climbing, or crouching might be necessary for some people to engage in, so make sure the person doing these actions is comfortable with them! Sometimes accommodations can be made, but these usually occur on a case by case basis. Discuss options with your game master or the venue ahead of time if you're concerned!

The Crypt's Awards

Morty Top Escape Rooms (2022) - Morty's Finest

The general public has caught on: The Crypt is amazing.

In 2022 The Crypt won an award from Morty, an app that has a worldwide database of escape rooms, along with their rankings!

Best Tech In An Escape Room (2021) - ESCAPETHEROOMers

ESCAPETHEROOMers is a global escape room blog that reviews escape rooms each year! In 2021, The Crypt won Best Tech In An Escape Room, and it's clear why the moment you step foot inside the experience!

From Top to Bottom

Everything about this escape room experience is one to be excited about. Not only does The Crypt offer unmatched technology and creatively executed puzzles, but the entire ambiance and flow make for an experience worth doing multiple times. In comparison to other escape rooms we've completed, The Crypt feels like it is on another level entirely (and quite literally).

We highly recommend checking out Escape Hour Austin, and especially The Crypt. It evokes a sense of adventure, mystery, and teamwork not found in many escape rooms we've done.

Clock Is Winding Down

Here are some takeaways on The Crypt as a whole:

  • It's wildly immersive.

  • It uses the newest technology to enhance its puzzles and games.

  • It is a dynamic experience and may require some physicality.

  • It has won multiple awards.

In all, The Crypt is an irreplaceable addition to Escape Hour Austin, and an experience that should absolutely sit high up on your list of escape rooms to try. Coming from Escape Hour Austin, you know you'll be in good hands, as everything they put out exceeds expectations. The next time you're in the mood for a striking adventure unlike any other, gather your friends and make your way to The Crypt — you won't regret it.


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