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Welcome to Escape Hour Point Ruston

Escape Room

Escape rooms — themed stories, filled with puzzles, where the goal is to escape a locked room (or a series of locked rooms) — have become a staple in the entertainment industry, namely for the way they encourage fast paced problem solving, group participation, and out-of-the-box thinking. If you haven't had the chance to experience one, odds are you know someone who has!

One escape room venue that has garnered a massive following is Escape Hour Point Ruston, located on the beautiful Ruston waterfront in Tacoma, Washington. With its unique approach to immersion, and quality storytelling, Escape Hour Point Ruston takes the general concept of escape rooms, and levels them up!

Escape Hour Point Ruston's History

When Matt and Kelsy Matteson first decided to join the world of escape rooms, the industry itself was still fairly young. Using a combination of construction skills, effective leadership, business savvy and unbridled creativity, the Matteson's opened Escape Hour Gig Harbor, the flagship Escape Hour location nestled in Gig Harbor, Washington.

After much success in Gig Harbor, they brought their skills down to Austin, Texas, where they bought and converted a previous escape room venue into Escape Hour Austin. They remodeled nearly everything, rewrote existing experiences and created brand new ones.

And so the Escape Hour empire continued to grow!

In 2020, after four years of top-tier customer service and industry-changing escape experiences, the Matteson family decided to expand once more!

Enter Escape Hour Point Ruston

When presented with the opportunity to secure a location along the waterfront in the Point Ruston area of Tacoma, Washington, the Mattesons eagerly jumped at the chance.

With every new Escape Hour location, however, comes the process of building and designing new lobbies, constructing and creating new experiences, and ensuring cohesive

Their first experience, Siren's Cove, came after a red-tape-filled two year construction period. With pressure mounting and an opening date quickly approaching, the Mattesons and crew buckled down to make their third location a roaring success.

Escape Experiences at Escape Hour Point Ruston

So, what exactly does Escape Hour Point Ruston offer? Unlike their other two locations, and other escape room venues, the experiences at Escape Hour Point Ruston tell one cohesive story when put together. Here's what to expect when playing each experience, and how the stories link up!

Siren's Cove

The pirate's life is full of adventure and risk, and in Siren's Cove you'll find exactly those two things. You're hot on the trail of some fabled pirate's treasure, but first you must contend with the high seas, and a legend so mysterious, none have returned after seeking its truth.

This experience is perfect for small and large groups alike. There are dynamic movements throughout the experience that may be required for some participants to engage in.

Maximum Capacity: 12 People

Check out more information on Siren's Cove, click here:

Temetra's Hex - NEW EXPERIENCE

Continuing the pirate theme, Temetra's Hex remains in the same universe as Siren's Cove! Play this experience before or after Siren's Cove to get a fully dimensional view of the storylines at work over at Escape Hour Point Ruston.

This experience finds you on a secret island, within the hut of a voodoo priestess. She has three quests for you to complete before allowing you access to the treasure of legend. Will you survive each challenge? Or will you succumb to the darkness like all those before you...

Temetra's Hex boasts next-level custom construction and vibrant props and décor. This experience may require participants to crawl, climb, or crouch.

Maximum Capacity: 6 People

Check out more information on Temetra's Hex, click here:

Special Events at Escape Hour Point Ruston

Thinking about celebrating a special occasion doing something unique? Escape Hour Point Ruston offers large groups a fun way to get together! Whether you're celebrating a birthday, retirement, family reunion or workplace team building event, it's worth it to check out Escape Hour Point Ruston's option for special bookings. In order to request a special time slot, or ask about room maximums and possible options for larger than allowed groups, give them a call at (253) 579-0709!

Awards and Accolades

The Morty community rated Siren's Cove at Escape Hour Point Ruston among the top games in the world in 2022.

Morty is an organized database of escape rooms across the globe, with individual ratings from enthusiasts all over the world!

What Sets Escape Hour Point Ruston Apart

Escape Hour Point Ruston follows a similar model to all other Escape Hour locations, and in terms of immersion and high quality experiences, you know you're getting top-of-the-line entertainment. From their online presence to their in-person experiences, Escape Hour Point Ruston has become Tacoma's premier escape room venue! Here are just a few ways Escape Hour Point Ruston goes above and beyond:

Their Customer Engagement

It's one thing to create a stellar entertainment experiences for thousands of groups to enjoy, but to then follow along with each customer, engage in meaningful conversations before and after each experience, and to promote active discussions across various social media platforms give customer interaction a different definition entirely! When we visited Escape Hour Point Ruston we immediately felt like family, and we've even had the pleasure of speaking with various other long-time Escape Hour devotees who said the same thing. We could tell there was a genuine interest in us from the start, and every interaction we've had with staff and owners alike has cemented our opinion that the people in Escape Hour Point Ruston's circle are some of the best around! They claim to be More Than An Escape Room™, and we'd heartily agree with that slogan!

Their Immersive Experiences

Okay, we get it. We've said it a million times, but it bears repeating. Escape Hour produces some outstandingly immersive, high quality experiences at all of their locations. Every aspect of the rooms at Escape Hour Point Ruston transport you to another plane of existence. It's unavoidable! The unique handcrafted construction inside each room, coupled with professional lighting, sound effects and storytelling make each and every visit one to remember. We don't want to give away any spoilers, but imagine you are walking on to an elaborate movie set, or you get to spend 70 minutes investigating an interactive Disneyland display — that is what experiences are like at Escape Hour Point Ruston.

Ways to Get Involved

One of the best ways to stay connected to Escape Hour Point Ruston is to join their ever expanding and engaged Facebook audience! You can expect announcements, fun activities, thought-provoking questions and more. Click here for their Facebook page:

In addition to staying on top of announcement and finding a like-minded community through Facebook, Escape Hour Point Ruston also offers a way to get weekly discounts on their experiences, plus a host of other perks as well, through the Escape Hour Passport Program! How it Works You'll need to purchase a We The Enthusiasts passport at any Escape Hour location. Once you have your passport, here's all the perks you now qualify for:

  • 50% off Try Again experiences, every day but Saturday - Whenever you try a room you've already tried, at ANY Escape Hour location, your tickets will be half off. This is valid every day except Saturdays.

  • A free acrylic pin when you get four winning stamps

  • 5% off merchandise

  • Exclusive Event Perks - Announced through Facebook, there are pre-sale events and other events throughout the year that you can be part of when you own a Passport Program passport

  • $5 off Wednesday and Thursday tickets, per passport, per ticket

All Passport discounts stack with one another, too! For example, if you plan to retry an experience on a Wednesday or Thursday, prepare for some epic savings! Passports cost $25.

Here's What Others Are Saying

Escape Hour Point Ruston has a perfect 5.0 stars on Google, with 250+ reviews to go off of. We thought we'd let the people speak for themselves. Here's what some of them had to say!

In Summary

Escape Hour Point Ruston has made a name for themselves in the escape room industry. From their outstanding customer service and fan engagement, to their immersive and otherworldly escape rooms, it's no wonder they've become such a popular destination in Washington State.

In short, as with any Escape Hour location, we have the same recommendation: Do whatever you need to do to get yourself a reservation. Escape Hour Point Ruston is waiting, and there are incredible things in store once you give them a try.


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