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EXCLUSIVE LOOK: Unlock the Secrets of Temetra's Hex at Escape Hour Point Ruston

Updated: May 8, 2023

Escape Room

Escape Hour Point Ruston — Tacoma, Washington's premier escape room venue — offered NERDNCO an exclusive look at their newest escape experience! We have the inside scoop on everything you need to know before the grand opening of Temetra's Hex, scheduled for March 3rd!

Escape Hour Point Ruston Does It Again

It's no secret that escape rooms have dominated the entertainment industry in the last several years. They have become the perfect activity for groups, couples and individuals alike, encouraging the use of creative problem solving and teamwork to accomplish specific goals — namely, escaping! When we learned that Escape Hour Point Ruston was set to open Temetra's Hex, a brand new permanent escape room, we knew we had to dive in and learn more! Famous for their ground-breaking Siren's Cove experience, we knew we'd be in for a treat. And boy, what a treat it was! Following in the footsteps of Siren's Cove, Temetra's Hex takes an interesting spin on the typical pirate theme. This experience, however, comes with a twist — one we didn't see coming!

Diving Into The Atmosphere

Imagine it — you are surrounded by waning orange light. The sun has almost set over the horizon, but you have already arrived at your destination: The island home of the powerful voodoo priestess, Temetra. Rumor has it she holds the key to unlocking the ultimate pirate treasure.

You step into her hut just as darkness envelopes the outside world, and suddenly you begin to rethink your decision.

Mystical oddities line the walls all around you, and a sense of foreboding creeps over you the further you step into the room. Was this a mistake?

With vibrant colors, insanely detailed props, deep shadows and danger around every corner, the feelings that Temetra's Hex evokes are visceral and extreme. Even the entryway into Temetra's Hex is an experience in and of itself!

Here are a few exclusive NERDNCO photos of the Temetra's Hex experience:

Glimpse Of The Gameplay

Like every Escape Hour experience, you can expect top-notch playability and out-of-the-box puzzles. In an effort not to give away any spoilers, we'll be concise. Get ready for intensity.

With advanced physical and technological puzzles, Temetra's Hex is less of a "room" and more of a "destination." Due to crouching, climbing, squatting and potential crawling, this experience is dynamic and not accessible to wheelchairs.

You can expect to navigate a space that feels alive with movement and ingenuity. The puzzles themselves inspire deeper thinking and many times physical maneuvering — in the best way!

We found that the flow and pacing of this experience pairs well with the general level of intensity it offers, and would say the difficulty rating is on par with other Escape Hour experiences. With unlimited hints, each group has the power to set their own difficulty level, which we greatly appreciate!

The Big Twist

What sets Temetra's Hex apart? What blew our minds when we learned about it? You already know that the two experiences at Escape Hour Point Ruston share a similar pirate theme, but the owners took everything to the next level. Not only are Temetra's Hex and Siren's Cove similar in theme and quality, they exist in the same universe, and can be played in any order, back-to-back, to create one epic storyline adventure! Not every escape room venue has two separate experiences that share a story, but that is exactly the challenge Escape Hour Point Ruston undertook when designing and building Temetra's Hex. When we asked Matt Matteson, one of the owners, about the thought process behind Temetra's Hex, here's what he had to say:

As long as I can remember I have always been intrigued by the world of pirates. When I went to Disneyland as a kid (before the Pirates of the Caribbean movies), the first ride I would run to was the pirates ride. I remember wishing I could live in a world where pirates were real. So when presented with the opportunity to build these very worlds for people to lose themselves in, pirates were the first things on my mind. I wanted to bring people back to the feeling I had as a child.

He went on to add:

After the huge success of [our first experience at Escape Hour Point Ruston] Siren's Cove, it was time to create the last of the two experiences at the Point Ruston location. I knew I would be battling the success of the Cove so it had to be something good. I’d like to say I thought about it for along time, but knowing that I wanted to build this into an entire [universe], not just a single new experience, I knew it had to be Temetra's Hex!

Matt ended his thoughts with this:

Temetra's Hex is the first of its kind. I want everyone to know that this experience is going to be something new and exciting. Something that will leave you wanting to experience the next adventure in the Coves universe.

You don't have to tell us twice! If you're in the mood for something different, this is definitely the experience for you.


May 8th 2023 Update: This experience has been open for a handful of weeks now and through reviews and our personal experience this escape room is incredible and we wouldn't be surprised if it wins copious amounts of awards. Here are some details about the upcoming experience! Players: 2-6 Price From: $50 per person Ages: 12 and up with exceptions made on a case by case basis Remember: This room requires dynamic movement that may include crouching, crawling, climbing, squatting, and more. Opening Day: March 3rd Tickets Drop: February 3rd at 6:00 PM PST

Wrapping It All Up

After Escape Hour Point Ruston invited us to take a closer look into their newest room, we knew we couldn't say no. And we're glad we didn't. From the shockingly immersive entrance, to the twists and turns throughout, we cannot wait for the world to experience Temetra's Hex. And neither can its creators! Mr. Matteson had one last parting thought when we asked him what excited him the most about Temetra's Hex.

The concept of going into the voodoo priestess Temetra's old shack and getting to play with all her antiquities is exciting enough, but knowing she needs me to conquer three quests in order to succeed? I mean are you kidding me! Give me pirates, give me Temetra, and give me some quests! I really feel like I am right in the middle of an otherworldly battle between good and evil! Let’s go!

We will be sure to update with any new information we get, but for even more information and detailed lore on Temetra's Hex, click here: If you're located in Washington, or plan to make a trip, add Temetra's Hex to your itinerary! Tickets are live now! To reserve your reservation, click here:


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