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Escape Room Highlight: Just EnCase Escape Games - 86 Bedford Street

Escape Room

86 Bedford Street

Just EnCase Escape Games is located in Orange Park, Florida. They are home to three unique escape rooms, each with vastly different themes! Just EnCase Escape Games prides themselves on their home-grown, completely original escape rooms — rooms you won't find anywhere else in the world!

Today we'll be taking a close look at 86 Bedford Street, an escape room that sends you back in time to one of the most vibrant decades in American history — the 1920s! When asked about the idea behind 86 Bedford Street, here is what the owners had to say:

This room is based on a real life Manhattan speakeasy from the 1920s called Chumley's. A lot of research went into the making of this room and we wanted to use props that would've made sense in Chumley's!

A historically accurate mystery? Sign us up!

Inside this escape room you'll find intriguing and thought-provoking puzzles throughout! Thoroughly researched, 86 Bedford Street remains as true as possible to the time period, all while providing intense gameplay and challenging puzzles! Come for the immersion, stay for the incredible peek into actual history inside 86 Bedford Street, Just EnCase Escape Game's newest addition to their escape room collection. Read on for the complete run down!

The Set-Up

The year is 1929. Music trickles through the air inside 86 Bedford Street, and soon it reaches your ears. The lounge's soft jazz tunes mix with the dim chatter of its regular patrons, which creates a comforting din. You're in Club Diamond, the hottest club in Manhattan, an exclusive and premier destination envied by all who know about it. And you were invited. Tall bookshelves nestle against the walls of the lounge, housing famous names on the spines of the many books. Tables are arranged throughout, marked with names and riddles and puzzles to be solved. Everywhere you look you'll find a piece of history. Every one of your senses will confirm it: You really have been transported back through the ages. 86 Bedford Street aims to completely envelope you in a historical sensory experience. From the soundscape to the artwork, to the interactive props, the environment created by this escape room is at once welcoming and curious. You won't be able to help yourself — falling in love with this mystery is an easy thing to do. For more information on this particular theme, click here:

Let's Play

With such a remarkable atmosphere, it's easy to see why 86 Bedford Street is so popular. But what makes this escape room stand out even more is its dedication to above-and-beyond gameplay. The owners of Just EnCase Escape Games know a thing or two about intricate and well-crafted puzzles, and they've made sure this core principle rings true for all of their rooms, this particular one included!

86 Bedford Street contains many intellectual games and is considered to be a fairly challenging room because of it. For this reason, many people flock to Just EnCase Escape Games — emboldened by the promise of a mentally stimulating experience! And all who try are rewarded no matter the outcome. Win or lose, 86 Bedford Street provides a level of entertainment not offered most places. When we asked the owners what their favorite parts of this escape room were, here's what they said:

One of our favorite things about this room is that the challenge level is high, because the puzzles themselves are intellectual. We pride ourselves on not using "filler puzzles" frequently, and therefore, most of the puzzles in our rooms are incredibly detailed and original. This is especially true for 86 Bedford Street, as it is the newest of our three themes we currently offer.

Let's not pass by the most important takeaway from what they said: Any escape room that elevates their puzzlecraft beyond mere "filler puzzles" is an escape room worth trying. And inside 86 Bedford Street, you'll find expertly crafted, unique puzzles to keep you on your toes from start to finish!

Helpful Hints

With any escape room, no matter the difficulty rating, there are tips and tricks for higher success! Here are some general ideas for your time inside 86 Bedford Street!

  • Communication - Don't get shy now! Your teammates need you (and the hidden key you just found). Many people make the mistake of remaining silent until the room is thoroughly explored, but this is wrong on so many levels! Not only will your constant communication keep the group organized and on track, it will also provide an opportunity to discover even more clues. If Uncle Jack is hoarding an important puzzle piece, but never mentions it, you'll waste valuable time searching for something you've had all along. Our advice? Call out everything you find as you find it!

  • Explore it all - This goes without saying, but you should investigate everything you're allowed to! Once you're inside the escape room, most things are placed specifically for your exploration. Unless your Game Master and/or waiver has told you otherwise, leave no stone unturned! Just make sure to follow all the rules of the room.

  • Stay organized - It's easy to get bogged down when dealing with multiple props and puzzles, but it's important to stay as organized as possible! Some places encourage a discard pile — where you'll place all previously used puzzles, locks and keys — but as long as you're keeping used keys with their locks, and keeping track of games you've already completed, you'll be good to go!

  • Ask for help - Just EnCase Escape Games offers unlimited hints, so if you ever feel stuck or frustrated, don't hesitate to reach out to your attentive Game Master! If you want to make their leaderboard however, stick to three hints or less!

  • Remember your teammates - This one is crucial! Don't forget: Escape-rooming is not a solo sport. The people in your squad are there to help the entire team, and when you work together you'll find the greatest success. It's easy to think of puzzle-hoarding Uncle Jack as the enemy sometimes, but don't! Let each person work their strengths, even if it means taking a backseat during a certain game. Everyone will have their time to shine, since you're all in this together!

That's A Wrap

Overall, Just EnCase Escape Games exceeds expectations and delivers massive amounts of immersion with their unique and original creations! Inside 86 Bedford Street, you can expect all the glamour and vintage fun of the 1920s along with incredibly detailed puzzles that will keep you engaged from start to finish. From their well-researched props and décor, to the intricate storytelling throughout, 86 Bedford Street at Just EnCase Escape Games is an escape room that should not be missed. We highly recommend checking out all the escape rooms at this venue, and if you find yourself nearby, stop in for a visit! We know you won't regret it. For more information on the escape rooms they offer, visit their website here: Stay in touch on their social platforms here:


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