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Legend of Theradonia Escape Room at Escape Hour Gig Harbor

Escape Room

A Magical Escape Experience

Escape Hour Gig Harbor is a multi-award winning escape room venue. They offer four permanent escape rooms as of the publishing of this article, along with many limited-time holiday themed rooms several times a year. They are one of the most popular escape rooms in the nation, and since their opening have gained tens of thousands of fans worldwide!

It makes sense, then, that such a well established and prestigious escape room venue would be the home to Legend of Theradonia — an award-winning experience and also the most immersive and fantastical escape room we've ever done.

If otherworldly realms and high fantasy is your thing, keep reading!

Explore The Mystical Lands of Theradonia

To enter Theradonia, you must first accept the call. Theradonia's Archmage has sent out an urgent message. His home world is under attack from the evil goblin forces, and time is running out. Will you accept the mission and become their champions? This escape room transports you to an ethereal place, where magic and danger seem to spring from every nook and cranny. It is a fantasy themed mystery, with aesthetics similar to Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Narnia and Lord of the Rings. Everywhere we looked there was something enchanting that drew us in. From hidden doors, fairy lights, and trees growing overhead, to a soundscape that transported us to a brand new world, Theradonia expanded our expectations and gave immersion different meaning. It's worth noting that this immersion happened the second we walked through the door, too. With Game Masters that are in-character, and a lobby that exudes adventure, we knew we were headed for a good time. There's even a super secret element to your intro, but we won't divulge too much. Just know the experience starts the moment you arrive.

The Game Play

Theradonia is the perfect difficulty — challenging, but doable. It has every type of game and puzzle we could think of, and it even used more than just our senses of sight and hearing.

Theradonia is the perfect escape room for you if you like the non-linear approach (which we highly recommend!). Groups can bounce between several games, swap ideas, and ultimately solve several puzzles at one time — which comes in handy, as there is a lot do inside this room!


One easy thing to do inside Theradonia is get so wrapped up in its beauty and elegance that you lose track of time. While your Game Master will give you appropriate time warnings (all in character and in a hyper-immersive way), the trick is to remember your mission: save Theradonia! The magic that brought you to this enchanted realm can easily play with your perceptions, so be wary!

Another suggestion is to ask for help if you are ever stuck. We won't give anything away, but the hint system for Legend of Theradonia is just as magical as every other aspect inside the room.

And with all escape rooms, the biggest tip we could recommend is staying observant and investigating everything! Unless your Game Master has specifically said something is off limits, most things should be explored! Just watch out for any rogue dragons or goblins!

Award-Winning Escape Room

Like Escape Hour Gig Harbor as a whole, Legend of Theradonia holds an award of its very own! Those over at Morty issued Legend of Theradonia the "Morty Top Escape Rooms (2022)" - Morty's Finest. We have to say, we understand this completely!

You've Got To Try This Escape Room

Overall, we can't recommend Legend of Theradonia enough. It scratched an itch we didn't even know we had! With its strikingly beautiful decorations, detailed storyline, out-of-the-box puzzles, and incredible attention to detail, we struggle to think of a more immersive (or expertly executed) escape room experience!

Escape Hour Gig Harbor shows its true colors through Legend of Theradonia, and we think they are simply gorgeous. If you want to bask in the ambience and magic of a distant world, you don't have to travel that far to do so. Make a trip to Gig Harbor, Washington and experience the thrill for yourself.

Legend of Theradonia is calling. We answered — will you?


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