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Escape Room Highlight: Escape Hour Gig Harbor - The Cabin: Final Chapter

Escape Room

Nestled within the walls of Escape Hour Gig Harbor lives the most intensely scary escape room in the Pacific Northwest. As the third installment in The Cabin Trilogy, the award-winning The Cabin: Final Chapter wraps up the intricate and horrifying story about the McKay family. But don't worry! You don't need to have played the other two games in this trilogy to enjoy this one! You'll be brought up to speed before your experience begins. Known for their hyper-immersive and usually sold-out experiences, Escape Hour Gig Harbor is no stranger to doing things well — and in the case of The Cabin: Final Chapter — doing things "terrifying."

If you are interested in exploring Washington's scariest escape room, read on. Warning: The Cabin: Final Chapter is not for the faint of heart!

Setting The Stage

You are a paranormal investigator sent out to explore an abandoned cabin deep within a forgotten forest. You know the rumors that surround this place — a curse, a father driven to madness, a lost little girl — but you don't know how to put an end to the unrest. That is, until you finally arrive at the cabin and have no choice but to participate in the terror yourself.

We were particularly intrigued by the depth of The Cabin's story, and the lore that lives behind-the-scenes. You can read the epic tale here (

You'll feel the instant immersion the moment you walk through the doors of Escape Hour Gig Harbor. From that moment, to your shaky return to the lobby afterwards, there is no doubt the game creators went above and beyond with this experience. And we aren't talking about a simple room with fun props and spooky music, either. No, we're talking epic set design, construction that took months to perfect, professionally engineered soundscapes that place you directly into a horror movie, and additional sights, smells and sensations that trick your brain into believing you are actually lost in the woods. Don't ask how they do it, we're convinced it's magic. And to top it all off, there is a section in the waiver you must sign prior to entry that alludes to the potential of live-actors inside the experience. We won't give anything away, but should you experience some of the haunted beings while on your mission, you better hope they are in a good mood.

The Game

The challenges and puzzles encountered inside The Cabin: Final Chapter are as unique and thrilling as the environment itself. A word of caution, however: like mentioned above, the inhabitors of the cabin may or may not be thrilled by your presence, and terror can make problem solving ten times harder — something we experienced personally while exploring!

You can expect physical challenges. You may have to crawl, climb or bend to properly execute certain games. Luckily, a lot of the puzzles inside the experience are team-based. If you aren't feeling up to squeezing into the claustrophobic crawlspace, have a someone in your group take one for the team — that just means you'll be the lookout!

Logic and word puzzles can also be expected, along with a variety of different locked objects that will ultimately aid in your final steps in solving the mystery.

How To Survive

Due to the frenzied nature some groups find themselves in toward the end of their experience, we recommend having a game plan prior to entering. Here are several tips we picked up through our playthroughs!

  1. Communicate — Don't be afraid to shout about the hidden lock you just saw. You'll want your group to know everything you do as soon as possible! This also means you will want to share any keys and/or codes you find ASAP!

  2. Split up — This is one horror movie faux pas we don't mind recommending! The Cabin: Final Chapter is designed so that multiple paths can be taken at the same time. If you find your group of five huddling over one puzzle, break it up and get started on something else! Just watch your backs...

  3. Ask for help — Seriously. Escape Hour Gig Harbor offers unlimited hints, with zero penalty for asking! If you notice you have spent more than 5-10 minutes on a game without making progress, ask for a small nudge! It'll get you moving in the right direction again without giving away the answer!

  4. Explore EVERYTHING — Unless otherwise stated in your waiver or by your Game Master in your intro, most things are there to be investigated! Do so, and do so quickly!

And of course, your specific Game Master will have troves of information, so pay attention to everything they say!

Award-Winning Escape Room

We mentioned The Cabin: Final Chapter is an award-winning experience. It's true! They won the Player's Choice Awards — In-Person escape rooms (2021) - Bullseye Award, a global competition and award facilitated by ESCAPETHEROOMers!

The Cabin: Final Chapter

As a whole, The Cabin: Final Chapter is an escape room you'll regret not trying. Escape Hour Gig Harbor's cinematic and completely immersive approach is unlike anything the author of this article has ever experienced (and they've played their fair share of escape games). Here's the summary of why we readily recommend this award-winning escape room:

  1. It is the scariest escape game in the Pacific Northwest region.

  2. The intricate story from start to finish is one that will haunt you.

  3. There is a vast variety of puzzles and games — this is more than 70 minutes of "find the key."

  4. Escape Hour Gig Harbor's immersion alone is reason to play this experience multiple times.

It's A Two-Thumbs-Up From Us

To sum everything up, if you enjoy thrilling terror, mind-bending puzzles, and heart-racing adventure, book your reservation at Escape Hour Gig Harbor today. Like seriously, right now. Thank us later.


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