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Universal Studios Announces Plans for New Theme Park in Frisco, Texas


A Theme Park For The Kiddos

Universal Studios, one of the world's premier entertainment and theme park destinations, has announced plans to develop a brand new theme park in Frisco, Texas. The park will be specifically designed for families with young children and will be unlike any other in the world.

Universal Studios' Expansion to Frisco, Texas

The proposed park will sit on 97 acres of newly acquired land in Frisco, Texas, which is located just outside of Dallas. The regional audience in mind and the growing popularity of North Texas as a tourist destination, the park is expected to be a hit with families from all over the country.

A Park Designed for Families with Young Children

According to Page Thompson, president of New Ventures for Universal Parks and Resorts, "We think North Texas is the perfect place to launch this unique park for families given its growing popularity within this part of the country."

A Quality Experience on a Smaller Scale

The park will be much smaller than Universal's other parks, such as those in Hollywood and Orlando, but the company assures that "it will still carry the same quality as Universal's other larger resort destinations." The park is said to be set in a lush green landscape and will feature immersive themed lands that will celebrate Universal's iconic brand of entertainment, humor, and innovation.

Immersive Themed Lands and Beloved Characters

Universal Studios has a long history of bringing beloved characters and stories to life in its theme parks, and this new park will be no exception. Visitors can expect to see their favorite Universal characters and stories come to life in ways that will wow even the youngest theme park goers.

The company has not yet announced an opening date for the new park in Frisco, Texas, but is expected to be completed in the next few years.

Overall this is a great news for Universal Studio fans, families and Frisco, Texas as it will be a new attraction and tourist destination.



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