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Universal Studios Hollywood Expands Its Reach with New Year-Round Horror Experience in Las Vegas


Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights Expands to Las Vegas

Universal Studios Hollywood is making waves with its new Super Nintendo World and now with a new, permanent horror-themed entertainment experience in Las Vegas based on its wildly popular Halloween Horror Nights. The entertainment giant is expanding its reach to deliver unique and exciting concepts to new audiences in new markets.

New Horror Experience in Las Vegas

This new horror experience in Las Vegas will be based on Universal's vast library of classic horror films and will offer a variety of unique, immersive horror-centric experiences, bars, and restaurants, seasonal events and merchandise. The space will also feature a continuously-updated experience with seasonal events. This new attraction will be the anchor tenant in a new 20-acre expansion of Las Vegas' AREA15, which is described as a experiential next-gen mall. Located a few blocks off the Strip on Rancho Drive, the attraction will occupy a 110,000 square-foot space.

According to Page Thompson, President of New Ventures for Universal Parks & Resorts, “We are excited to give our global fanbase yet another way to get scared and have fun with fear in the heart of Las Vegas, the perfect place for this type of unique concept."

Location and Size

This new experience will give horror fans another way to experience their favorite genre in a way that is truly unique and immersive. Las Vegas is the perfect location for this type of attraction, known for its entertainment options and nightlife. The new attraction will be the anchor tenant of a new 20-acre expansion of Las Vegas' AREA15, a new experiential next-gen mall. This new expansion is located just a few blocks off the strip on Rancho Drive.

Universal Studios Expansion

Mark Woodbury, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Universal Parks & Resorts, says that "At Universal, we bring our distinct brand of storytelling to life by creating the most innovative, immersive, and exciting destinations and experiences for our fans around the world. Broadening our reach to deliver unique concepts for new audiences in new markets is incredibly exciting.”

The planned new year-round horror experience in Las Vegas is Universal Studios Hollywood's second major announcement, with another park geared towards small children and families in Frisco, Texas. With the launch of the new Super Nintendo World, the creation of a horror-themed park in Las Vegas, and a family-friendly park in Texas, Universal Studios is positioning itself as a major player in the theme park industry. Fans of the horror genre, families and people looking for a new type of entertainment experience will be able to find something that appeals to them at Universal Studios. With such a wide range of experiences, Universal Studios is sure to be a destination that will draw visitors from all over the world.



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