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Are You Ready to Escape? A Look Inside Clockwise Escape Room, Boise Idaho's Premier Escape Room Experience


Shouting out local small businesses is what we at NERDNCO are all about in our LOCAL highlights. Drawing attention to events, business owners and fellow entrepreneurs is the icing on our cake, and we know that when passion meets dedication, amazing things can happen. That’s why we’ve taken the time to get to know a certain small business in downtown Boise, Idaho!

NERDNCO nerds, meet Clockwise Escape Room, the area’s top-rated destination for premier escape room fun!

Escape Rooms? What?

Clockwise Boise

While this article will dive into what makes Clockwise Escape Room tick, you first need to know what an escape room is. 

Started in 2007, escape rooms in general were (and still are) a unique and enjoyable form of in-person entertainment. The concept is simple: You and your team (comprised of friends, family members, work associates, neighbors, you name it) are gathered together in a room to solve various puzzles, riddles and difficult challenges. Once your goal has been completed, you attain your victory. Many escape rooms offer just sixty minutes to solve all the puzzles required, and though the gimmick used to require finding a key to escape, the name of the game has evolved. 

Escape rooms now follow multiple story lines and offer multiple goals in order to be successful.

Back to Clockwise Escape Room

In 2017 Monica Schafer and Taisiya Paltseva put their heads and their talents together and opened their first Clockwise Escape Room in San Francisco, California. Business boomed from the very first day, and their success spurred future endeavors. In 2019 the duo acquired a second location in Oakland, California, and they found success there as well. 

2020 came around, and the Covid lockdowns forced Clockwise Escape Room to close, but Monica and Taisiya weren’t going to let their passion settle. After finding a growing market and making arrangements, the two Clockwise Escape Room owners moved to Boise, Idaho to unleash their skills in a brand new environment. 

Thus, in 2021 Clockwise Escape Room Boise was born.

Why Escape Rooms?

NERDNCO had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Monica and Taisiya to find out more information about them and their business, including what got them interested in escape rooms to begin with. We asked, they answered, and now you get to learn all we discovered. Buckle up for this exclusive question and answer session!

N: “What made you personally interested in escape rooms?” 
M+T: “We are fans of all sorts of games and also love immersive experiences, fantasy genre movies and events. Escape Rooms are the perfect blend between gaming and immersive experiences, allowing players to truly live the adventure in real life.”

N: “What sets Clockwise Escape Room apart?”
M+T: “We are not just owners of an escape room company. [We also] curate the game design, artistic and electronic features. We are hands on, ensuring that every aspect of our games are built to impress. We focus on rockstar customer service. We value our team of vibrant, creative employees and they go above and beyond to deliver memorable gaming experiences to all of our guests. Lastly, we know that escape rooms are the perfect option for group gatherings and team building events and we are pros at servicing large group events.

N: "What would you say to someone who has never tried an escape room before?" 
M+T: "You’ve got to try it, but be careful, you may find yourself a new gaming addiction!"

N: "What would you say to someone who has done many?" 
M+T: "You MUST try ours. We create our own unique games that cannot be found anywhere else. We have intriguing puzzles that you probably haven’t seen before and always make sure to WOW players with creative props, set design and effects. 

Talking to the owners further revealed the simplest answer of all. Why escape rooms?  Because they love them.

Clockwise Escape Room Boise’s Games

According to the owners, a great escape room transports players, fully immersing them in the world of the game. Storylines must be clear and intriguing, and the players should be imbued with feelings of mystery and excitement. 

“...arguably the most important [thing to a good escape room], is a challenging yet logical mix of puzzles. The challenges in the game should be diverse, appeal to different skill sets, and be fun and intuitive to solve.” - Taisiya Paltseva

Below we have gathered their escape rooms, but don’t forget to reserve your own experience with them to fully live out their immersive, intriguing, mysterious and exciting storylines for yourself!

The Asylum

The Asylum at Clockwise Boise

Jump back in time to the seventies with this suspenseful, highly immersive escape room experience! You and your group have been taken and are awaiting unregulated experiments on the human brain. Can you escape before the orderlies return? Watch the trailer here!

Party in Vegas

Party In Vegas at Clockwise Boise

A trashed Vegas hotel room, a missing wedding ring, broken furniture and a motorcycle? Putting the pieces together from the drunken bachelor party might be harder than it looks in this comedic, immersive experience. Find the ring and make the grooms wedding day one he'll remember! Watch the trailer here!

The Incredible Machine

The Incredible Machine at Clockwise Boise

You've been transported to another time and place entirely with no idea how you arrived or how to return. Your mission? Search the workshop, find your clues, and figure out a way to return to your own dimension before you're stuck forever! Watch the trailer here

The Paranormal Experiment

The Paranormal Experiment at Clockwise Boise

You and your team are paranormal investigators who have been tasked with getting to the bottom of recent strange occurrences at a local facility. The authorities are out of their depth, and so they've called on you to explore the grounds and hopefully put an end to what's been going on. Be careful, though! This experience is as thrilling as it is immersive! Watch the trailer here!

For more information on each of Clockwise Escape Room's experiences, click here!

Need More Reasons To Visit?

Clockwise Escape Room Boise sits in the heart of downtown Boise, Idaho, where activities are plenty and the atmosphere is electric! We asked Monica and Taisiya what the best part of this surrounding community was.

"We love being in the center of downtown Boise. We feel a part of the vibrant growth happening all around us and it is such an exciting place to be. Downtown is stocked with great restaurants, bars, shops and thanks to us, great immersive entertainment!"

Their reach doesn't end with Boise, however! In 2023 Monica and Taisiya opened a location in Pleasanton, California, and there is another new location in the works for 2024 as well!

Take Action!

Small businesses thrive when community takes action. At NERDNCO, we love expanding horizons and bringing community to everyone! Now it's time to see for yourself the heart that has gone into this small business. Find out even more about this spotlight-worthy business and BOOK your experience by visiting their website and social media accounts.


In every community there are small businesses with stories to tell. The owners of Clockwise Escape Room followed their hearts and continued to put their skills, dedication and talents into making their dreams come true, and this spotlight hopefully showcases the fruit of their labor! If you ever find yourself near Boise, Idaho, make a trip downtown, but don't forget to stop in and see what the hype has been about at Clockwork Escape Room Boise! 


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