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Escape Room Highlight: Escape Hour Austin - Dead Man's Cove

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Dead Man's Cove lives at Escape Hour Austin, an award-winning escape room venue located in Austin, Texas. If you've ever had the good fortune of visiting Escape Hour Austin, you know they consistently pump out quality escape rooms. Dead Man's Cove is another example of how the Escape Hour brands goes above and beyond!

With a dark and mysterious pirate-life aesthetic, out-of-the-box puzzles and intricate storytelling, Dead Man's Cove will hook you from the beginning and keep you on your toes until the very end. Here is our dissection of Dead Man's Cove!

Let's Get Our Sea legs

Set near the beautiful splendor of the open Caribbean waters, Dead Man's Cove takes you deep into one man's perpetual greed. And it's this greed that drives you. You and your crew are following the legendary treasure left behind by Edward Morgan, the feared and volatile Captain of the Grand Marcosa. It is said that when his ship finally met its end, it went down in a secret cove and took all its plunders with it.

Now it's up to you. You've found this secret cove of the damned, but do you dare follow in the footsteps of a madman? You must if you want the riches of legend. But do you accept the risk?

Dimly lit at times and reverberating with eerie, undeniable immersion, Dead Man's Cove places you directly into a world where pirates call all the shots. With elements seemingly taken from the Grand Marcosa herself, and decorations that would even fool her Captain, there is no part of this escape experience that won't ignite the imagination and keep you locked within its grasp

All Aboard!

As with all well-crafted escape rooms, Dead Man's Cove is challenging in all the right ways. There are puzzles that require deeper thinking, or even a second look. The logic flows nicely from game to game. We learned, however, not to get cocky. The room as a whole lends itself to the challenge by being authentic, and sometimes dimly lit in areas. Thinking on your feet, using the individual strengths of your teammates, and paying close attention to the details will get you far in Dead Man's Cove.

Here are some quick tips on how to be the most successful in this escape room:

  • Observe everything - And not just until you find something, either. Take a second look. Examine your tools carefully, and don't be afraid to study your surroundings.

  • Communicate - This goes for all escape rooms. Never keep information to yourself! We recommend saying everything you notice out loud as you come across it, and then coming together to share your findings. You may just stumble upon the hidden key that someone else needs. Speak up often!

  • Get started immediately - This seems obvious, but many groups will spend their first few minutes not sure how to get started. This is understandable, especially for first time escape room goers! To make the best use of your time, get to work immediately by exploring, collecting and communicating as soon as you can!

  • Ask for help - As with all Escape Hour escape rooms, Escape Hour Austin has unlimited hints! There is zero penalty when you ask for a nudge, and sometimes one nudge is all it takes to get moving in the right direction again. You aren't required to ask for help, but if you need it, assistance is available!

  • Stay organized - One thing that can sometimes literally trip up a group is to not stay organized! Boxes strewn about the floor, completed puzzles in the way, keys laying around while you discuss whether or not you've used them — all these things are, at best, distractions and at worst, hazards. We recommend keeping used keys in their locks, used locks in or near where you found them, and discard stacks for all used puzzle elements so you stay focused on new problems!

Our thoughts

From start to finish, Dead Man's Cove offers a fresh new take on the traditional "pirate theme" so many escape rooms try to accomplish. This experience felt new, yet strangely familiar, almost as if beckoning to us from a past life. We were reminded of tales that inspired Pirates of the Caribbean, and felt immediately drawn in to the vast beauty and attention to detail in every corner. Compared to other escape rooms we've done, this is experience is among the very best. Instead of trying to "escape a room," we were trying to solve a story, and the way everything was set up enabled us to disregard previous stressors and fully dive into the waters of immersion that this experience provided.

We highly recommend Escape Hour Austin for all their experiences, but especially if you love a swashbuckling adventure with a remarkable story to boot! Every one of the staff we encountered at Escape Hour Austin made us feel comfortable and informed, and facilitated one of the best experiences we've ever had the pleasure of trying. If you begin to feel the pull of unspeakable riches, or the desire to set sail and explore distant shores, then Dead Man's Cove is an experience you cannot miss.


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