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Escape Hour Gig Harbor wins Morty Best Escape Room Award

Updated: May 8, 2023

Escape Room

Welcome to the world of Escape Rooms, Escape Hour, Morty, and More...

By now you've more than likely heard about the ever-popular escape room. Typically, these are one-hour long experiences set inside a room (or series of rooms). They follow an intricate and immersive storyline, all while presenting you with multiple puzzles, riddles and games to be completed before you are able to "escape." They have taken the entertainment industry by storm, becoming a new favorite way to escape the monotony of daily life.

Today we are exploring Escape Hour Gig Harbor, their rise to stardom as a hyper-immersive escape room venue, and how two of their escape rooms — Curse of the Mayan Ruins, and Legend of Theradonia — managed to win the "Best of Morty" award from those over at the Morty app!

Escape Hour Gig Harbor in a Nutshell

Escape Hour Gig Harbor's main characters representing their escape rooms

Escape Hour Gig Harbor, located in Gig Harbor, Washington, entered the scene in 2016, and quickly became an entertainment staple in the community. Growing quickly to four escape experiences over the years, they now have a robust and active fan base, with some people traveling across the country just to say they played a room at Escape Hour Gig Harbor! They've won numerous accolades and awards from various sources, and continue to lead the industry in escape room innovation!

They typically offer four escape experiences at any given time — three or four permanent experiences (depending on the time of year), and one or two seasonal (or holiday) experiences (also dependent on the time of year). They believe in changing things up and keeping things fresh year round, which has led to countless new traditions being born every season. Here are the current permanent escape rooms offered at Escape Hour Gig Harbor. Be sure to visit their website for any seasonal or holiday escape rooms they have running!

The Cabin: Final Chapter

NoFace and Matty from the Cabin Final Chapter

Dark, mysterious, and dripping in the paranormal, The Cabin: Final Chapter is not for the faint of heart. Proceed if you dare through the haunted cabin, but watch out. There are spirits who roam these grounds and your safety is not guaranteed...

Curse of the Mayan Ruins

Jess Valentina from Escape Hour Gig Harbor's Escape Room - Cures of the mayan ruins

Embark on an expedition unlike any other, through the dark and damp ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. You're on a mission to secure two sacred artifacts, but when things take a turn for the worse will you manage to find your way to safety?

Awards: Best of Morty (2022) - Morty's Finest

Legend of Theradonia

Lox the Archmage of Theradonia an Escape Hour Gig Harbor Escape Room

You have been summoned to the magical realm of Theradonia to aid in the fight against the crazed Goblin King. Can you find what you need to restore peace to Theradonia once and for all? Or will you play a part in her undoing?

Awards: Best of Morty (2022) - Morty's Finest

Winning a Morty Award

Aside from their stunning and incredibly immersive escape rooms, Escape Hour Gig Harbor is known for their above-and-beyond staff who make each experience more magical than the last. It's no wonder, then, that so many have taken notice of this escape room venue.

From our experience with them, the awards listed below are rightfully earned!

Escape Hour Gig Harbor wins the Morty Award

Both Curse of the Mayan Ruins and Legend of Theradonia have won "Top Escape Room" from those over at Morty! Here is a quote from Brandon Evans over at Morty, explaining what this award means:

In 2022, the Morty community logged more than 200,000 escape room experiences and contributed over 130,000 ratings at escape rooms worldwide. To show appreciation for the amazing creators of these experiences, we decided to recognize some of the best escape rooms according to the Morty community. Of the thousands of games and companies, the Morty team identified 243 escape games across 150 companies that were particularly well regarded by Morty users and deserving of this distinction. These experiences provide particularly imaginative puzzles, deep immersion into unique worlds, and great customer service. (Evans)

This checks out!

Other Accolades

In addition to these escape room specific awards from Morty, Escape Hour Gig Harbor, as a whole, has received many other certificates, achievements and praise! Here is a list of all the other exciting titles Escape Hour Gig Harbor has earned over the years:

  • 2019 Certificate of Excellence Trip Advisor

  • 2020 Travelers Choice Award

  • 2021 Travelers Choice Award

  • 2022 Travelers Choice Award: Best of the Best (top 1% worldwide)

  • ESCAPETHEROOMers Best Escape Room Gold Bullseye Award

  • Gig Harbor's Finest Small Business Award From Living Local

  • Trip Advisors Top 10% of Attractions In The World

Why These Awards Matter

Escape rooms, like many other small businesses, are part of a competitive market. Here's a brief run-down of why awards like these matter:

  • Escape room awards specifically showcase high performing escape room venues, and show the community at a glance what to expect!

  • They build trust between the consumer and the venue, because customers now have reputable third party sources to back up the venue's claims.

  • They boost the venue's morale, and inspire further above-and-beyond performance! This leads to more value for each and every customer!

And there's more! When one escape room venue does remarkably well, the standard for all escape room venues increases. Escape room owners are well-served to rise to the occasion and ensure all their rooms are memorable! This directly benefits escape room lovers everywhere!

So What's Next?

The sky is the limit at Escape Hour Gig Harbor. With multiple awards and accolades under their belt, the future is clear — more astounding experiences are to come. After all, the community and all their fans have come to expect nothing less.

That's a Wrap!

Escape Hour Gig Harbor's ability to repeatedly achieve greatness is proof that they're doing something right. With two Morty awards and numerous other acknowledgements, it's clear they have cracked the code on delivering quality, immersive escape experiences year round! We at NERDNCO highly recommend visiting them if you're in the mood for a guaranteed good time!

Connect and make your reservations with them here: Website: Facebook: Book Now: Phone: 253-313-0107


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our family has done two of the escape rooms at the Gigharbor location.. we had a great experience each time. The experiences are immersive & challenging but the game master is there to assist as much or as little as you want them to. It’s great for families or any groups wanting to have fun and be challenged.

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